Friday, September 5, 2008

Top Droppers, Topless, Topping

Hi folks!

I'm back from my wonderful holidays at the Chiemsee, I'm relaxed and tanned and I will tease you with a full record and pics soon.

But first of all - THANK YOU!!! - to last months Top Droppers, namly:

Topless - oh not what you think, but the boat we used to cross the Chiemsee on a sunny day was topless ;)


I won!!! I won the bonus prize for "funniest post" at Hot-O's contest. That's 15$ cash from

Greets Julia

7 Kommentare:

Ivanhoe said...

You are most welcome :o)
I hope to see some vacation pics soon. And congrats on your cash price ;o)

Lux said...

Thanks for the thanks! :)

That's great about your winning the bonus prize in that contest!

juliana said...

hi! thanks for the link.

Lynne said...

Thanks so much for the link love!
I'm loving your vacation pics, very pretty!

Lainy said...

Thanks for the link love. More drops coming your way soon!

Acakadut said...

great. count me in for next month ;)

iWalk said...

It's great to have a wonderful vacation!
And thanks for kindly link!