Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I'm back

Well, I don't know why right now, but a couple of days ago, I thought: "What happened to my old blog?" I haven't been here for 5 years, you know. Than suddenly I felt the need to take a look if it still exists (check), if I have had visitors though nothing had happened for a long time (check) or if I even had some new comments (surprisingly - check).

And then I thought "Well, if it's still here, why not try writing again?" See if it still flows, if the ideas still come effortless, if it's still fun. And what can I say? It is - BIG TIME!!!
I'd almost forgotten how good it feels to write down stuff that cramps your mental attic.
And how much I have to get rid off, things that cumulated over the last five years ... it's going to be one hell of a yard sale over here.

A lot has happened in that time. I'm still a teacher, and oh do I look forward to letting you peep into the lunatic asylum my students call "classroom". And I have found my long lost love for knitting and crocheting again. I'll definitely let you in on some of my projects. Same goes for my cooking and baking experiences. Everything mixed with the everyday cray-cray of my life, my marriage and the world around me.

You see -  there's something in store for everyone. So drop in from time to time. I'm looking forward to it :)


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