Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My new crochet project

Since the supermarkets in Germany decided that the beginning of September is close enough to Christmas to start selling gingerbread, Christmas cookies and decorations, I also started thinking about the upcoming holidays.
The worst thing every year is to come up with a good idea of what to give to my parents, aunts/uncles and grandma. They have everything, they don't want anything specific and it's all about finding something that is thoughtful, not too expensive, not only another dust collecting thing on the shelf and not to forget - useful.

After self-made herbal oils and marmalades, self-knitted scarfs, photo albums, concert tickets and vouchers for various things, this years presents will test my crocheting skills.

It's an easy-to-make bag (big yarn, big needle ;) ) which I will make in different colors.

Tell me what you think about this present? Have you also already started your Christmas shopping or preparing your self-made gifts? What are your ideas?

Of course I'll show you pictures once the bags are finished.

Baba Julia

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Mum said...

Hi, just called in on a blog hop around searching for bloggers who like dancing - sequence and ballroom for me. I read this post about crochet bags and I, too, have been crocheting bags for presents and have 3 beside me at the moment. I shall have to post a picture of them on my blog. My DH and I have just come back from visiting my son in Germany and flew from Nuremberg airport to get back home to England. I see that you are getting back to blogging after some time away.
I used to teach but took early retirement. Enjoy your new term.