Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Watch out here I come ...

I'm already excited about my trip to Berlin, which starts tomorrow. Actually I'm there quite often, at least once a year, but still - it's always a highlight.
I will meet with one of my best friends. He has a job at a Berlin theater during September, so I will come and visit him.
Why do I love Berlin soooo much?
Easy - it's a phenomenal city. You can experience new and exciting things, go partying at the best clubs, eat delicious food in little restaurants away from the tourist mainstream, go shopping for days without entering the same shop twice, ...
I've been there so often, and there are still some things on my "must visit/see" list. This time I want to go to the zoo.

This time I'll go by "Fernbus" which is comparable to the U.S. Greyhound busses. I also won't sleep in a hotel, but found a nice room via http://www.wimdu.com , it's service where you can find a room or even a flat on a private basis. I'll let you know how that worked out for me.

Now I have to start packing and preparing. Stay tuned for pics and stories of my adventure in the big city.


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