Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sing for me, my angel, sing for me!

Sorry folks, I know I'm a bit late today, but no worries - here's your weekly laugh muscle stimulation!

As some of you might know I work in a Karaoke-Bar. And I'm a musician. And I'm becoming an ESL-teacher.
This means I'm not only used to drunk people performing their version of "My way", but also to working with dictionaries and training my pronounciation.

And guess what? Somebody just came up with the right thing for me - a online karaoke-dictionary called Dictionaraoke!

What does this mean? Well, have you ever been to a decent online dictionary? Or do you own one on CD? there you have those little soundfiles that pronounce the word in correct RP.
For the Dictionaraoke those soundfiles were put together, accompanied by music to form karaoke-classics.

Just visit the site and try it, it's pure fun!

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