Monday, November 19, 2007

What the ...?!? #6

Hi folks,

it's official now - camping season is over. We had the first snowball-worthy snow last week.
But, as you might already have noticed, Christmas season is just beginning. So, what are you going to buy for all your camping-community-friends? It should be useful and handy, but still space-saving and easy to handle?

Well, here's my suggestion for you:

The portable inflatable potty for children and adults, called Inflate-a-Potty!

And this is what the potty looks like:

adult size

children size

What? You ask how it works?

- Inflate potty quickly by blowing up like a beach ball with removable extension tube.

- Insert disposable bag and cover potty completely.

- After use remove and seal bag tightly with enclosed twist-ties.

- Deflate potty!

PeeEss: 13-kilo-trash-bags-are included.

But this is not only a wonderful present for campers, hitchhikers, truck-drivers, etc...
It is a must have for every Mom and Dad!

At least, this is what the advertisment tells us:

!I need to go now!

!Thanks Mom and Dad!

Can you hear her, too, yelling: "Blow harder, Daddy, I really need to pee now!"? Priceless!

You like the idea? Go buy it! And I'll keep thinking "Wtf?!?"

8 Kommentare:

Nobody™ said...

Bucket from Home Depot + trash bag. The bucket doubles as a step stool and a chair. I've been working on the road too long...

Julia said...

nobody: tehee, but do they advertise those buckets with the same cute kid? And what about all the fun you have blowing up the thing? ;)

KAYLEE said...



JQ said...

Yeah, I'm not putting my mouth on anything that will, or has had fecal matter in, on or around its perimeter.
I will do like the Pope and shit in the woods, thank you.

teeni said...

Too funny! Love that little girl's leg-crossing, praying for the inflate-a-potty to be done, face. The things they think of. LOL. Well, I wanted to return your visit to my blog and I see you've got a lot of fun things going on here too so I'm sure I will be back!

Julia said...

kaylee: thx and yes, I nearly peed myself while reading their homepage, but forunately "nobody" put a bucket under my chair ;)

jq: yep, that was my main thought, I could use it only once, or would have to sterilize and bleach it before using it again ... and even then ... noooot!

teeni: thx ;)

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Oh. My. God. I wonder what sales have been like?

Nobody™ said...

I bet their sales are crappy.