Saturday, October 20, 2007

If you think I'm sexy ...

Two days ago I read a wonderful poem on antibarbie's site. It was about self-confidence and loving yourself just the way you are, even if you don't match the current ideal of beauty.
While reading it I remembered a Dove advertisement called "Evolution":

Isn't that scary? I mean, why do millions of women chase after an ideal that is based upon fake? Of course, the moment you go from chubby or big to jurassic, you should think about losing some weight. But I woulnd't swap belly and brains for being skinny and lacking self-esteem! No thanks!

So here's hooray to all women who love their body no matter what size or shape! And hooray to all men that enjoy curves and women with substance - latent ambiguity is desired ;)

And if you still worry, take a look at this - and always remember: it could come worse!

Pfuuh, I think I need a chocolat bar now ...

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