Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Riddle me this, riddle me that ...

Ever wondered what your special day means to the rest of the world? Wanna know what was cool and groovy back in the year you were born?
You can find the answers with the birthday calculator!

It's a funny little gadget that gives you not only astrological information, but also tells you which VIP shares your date of birth and what songs were hot in the year you were born. Moreover it tells you what your birthday would be according to a different calender.

For me the machine spat out this:

I share my birthday with Evel Knievel and Rita Hayworth.
Top songs of 1979:
- D'you think I'm sexy by Rod Steward
- Hot Stuff by Donna Summer
- I will survive by Gloria Gaynor

and of course

The site also offers a printable-friendly version. I think it's also a nice idea for a friend's birthday to have it printed out on nice paper.
Give it a try, it's free, it's fun.

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