Friday, October 26, 2007

Things YOU wanna know ...

1.) What did I buy at for 100$? As I am a generous person, I decided to split the pot and buy something for the boys (from now on the term I'll use for my roommates) as well.

For me I got:

- Douglas Adams, "The deeper meaning of liff"
I definitely will write a post about that one, cause this book IS wonderful!

- Robert Shea, "The Illuminatus Trilogy"
Nothing for the faint hearted, not even comparable to Dan Brown's kindergarden-version of the Illuminati-story. Disturbing and spell-binding.

For boy#1 who also is #1 in my heart (sounds cheesy doesn't it):

- Alex Ross, "Earth X"
A graphic novel - yes folks, I lost my heart to one of those nerds ;)

For boy#2

- All Pro football 2K8 for XBOX 360

2.) Still looking for the right Halloween-costume? Why not become a god/godess? Your divine appearance will be enough to make any kind of maquerade unnecessary. The Bald Guy offers you this chance of your lifetime, and he means it! If you already have a costume, go there either because you want to experience the good and powerful feeling of being a god/godess, or just because the guy is really funny ;)
P.S.: If you don't want to become a god, but still need a costume, I recommend the Urban Camouflage

3.) Participating in blog-contests is not only good for strengthening the blogging community, in most cases it's good for your wallet as well. Sometimes you have to simply backlink, sometimes you have to write a post. But for Lynn's 25 Things for Charity contest, you will really have to work! I think this is a wonderful way to do something for charity, so please join in!
uhm, btw, no worries, you can win a prize, too, if this is what it needs to get you going *shakehead*

Enough for today folks, enjoy your weekend!

2 Kommentare:

Anonymous said...

Fun list!

I found you via From Dates to Diapers and beyond.

Jo said...

Robert Shea, "The Illuminatus Trilogy"

Thanks for posting that, I'm definately looking into that one! :)

Thank you also for the comment on my blog and the "minute" to help me get my bum movin'. lol. I hope you visit again soon.