Sunday, October 14, 2007

Who needs a Sorting Hat when you can have a(n) (un)sorted bag?!

"Handbags are like black holes, and I'm afraid of putting my hand into them, fearing that it might get lost!"

Ladies, we all know sentences like this, and I think we must admit that there's a grain of truth in it. Concerning that even if you travel "light" you still need to stow your purse, keys, cell phone, hankies, make up, lipstick, chewing gum/mint, pen, safety pin, band-aid and, if you smoke, cigarettes and a lighter into this tiny little thing.
Furthermore there's "customized" stuff, like (sun)-glasses, books/magazines, chocolatebars/sweets, waterbottles, hairbrush, more make-up/cosmetic products of personal choice, various pieces of paper of unknown heritage and the unidentifiable sticky stuff at the bottom.

But all this would be a bearable task, if you had to do it once and then just refill and readjust the content, but we all know it's not that easy.
Just yesterday I had to unpack my medium-sized, lightblue "everyday/shopping"-handbag with flower-pattern, sort the content, pack my small, black leather "I'm-going-out/important appointment" bag, and finally put the stuff left-over back into my everyday-bag. Tonight I will repack everything, of course.

As you all know my predictions will affect the future of (wo)mankind, so please help me to channel those energies right. Take a second and think about your perfect handbag!

To me it would mean ...

... you wouldn't have to spend minutes over minutes anymore, rumaging in the dubious, dark depths of your bag for your keys or anything else, cause it has a inserted sorting system that keep everything in it's place.

... via a small touchscreen, you would be able to change color, size and material until the bag matches the occassion and your outfit.

What else can you think of? C'mon girls, share your wishes with me and feel free to comment!

P.S.: If you want to know mur about the little fur-bag on the picture visit:

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Matthias Köbrich said...

hallo from ireland. what a surprise! i hope you´ve already checked out my blogs... see you in december then.