Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nice party! But where are my pants?

Yoiks! Folks what a night, what a party!

I celebrated my 28th birthday yesterday and I swear I had the best party ever!
We visited the Karaoke Bar and - heck! it was so much fun. People were singing, I got pretty drunk and then I lack memory ...

Want some more facts?

Best present:
A gift certificate for a chocolate fondue for two persons from my mom.

Best song :
My boyfriend singing Sinatra's "My way"

Best present I made myself? I participate in another blogging-contest. This time I can win either a PS2-game or 30$ on my PayPal-account.
Wanna join, too? No problem, just visit bluepaintred's blog "Where was I?", it'll give you all the information needed.

Oki, I have to take some more aspirins and then go to bed again. One of those Singapore Slings must have been foul!

3 Kommentare:

Camie said...

Glad you had a great birthday. Diffinatly know what you mean about having to through your own partys. Hate!!! Happy Belated B-day!!

Bluepaintred said...

if everyone can only have one good day, it should be on their birthday! the chocolate fondue for two sounds very romantic!

thanks for Joining my contest!

Julia said...

camie: Thanks for your wishes!
bluepaintred: yep, I'm definitely looking forward to it :)