Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ready! Steady! Go!

The beautiful small village of Contest is part of France's Pays de la Loire region. The geographic location is 48°16' N 0°39'W, lying about 115 meters above sea level. 765 people live in this cosy place near the norther shore of France. Although it's not too big, Contest offers a variety of attractions for visitors. The local ping-pong-club is always ...


I'm writing about the wrong Contest? oh... hum.. well.. then..

If you are a Canadian and want to keep track of the latest contests in your neighbourhood, you should definitely visit this site. It gives you detailed information about which contest is going on where, what you need to do to participate and what you can win.

For everybody who's interested in sports, but bored by the usuall stuff, this site could be a lifechanging enrichment to his leisure time. It offers rules and inspirations for competing with your friends in unusual ways.

And for everybody who's just a keen blogger, Lincoln Adams offers a backlink-contest. I think it's a really nice idea to push your rankings. Participating is quite easy, for more details please read the contest-post, all details are explained there.
"But why should I do so?"
Cause, besides that it is a very nice gesture, you can win a 100$-amazon-gift-certificate.
But hurry folks, the contest will end on October, 24th, so get going!

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Mr. Fabulous said...

How will Canadians will be able read this post? It's not written in Canadian.

Julia said...

Honestly?? Who cares?