Sunday, August 24, 2008

Addicted to love? - Oh, I wish ...

... but it's even worse.
My love for chocolate is not really an addiction, it's genetic I guess, something like the next step of evolution.
Stopped smoking a week ago and neither have the craving for a cig nor the longing for food. Actually I feel pretty good.

No, no, no, my worst addiction is one that makes me waste precious time! I'm ashamed, but I must admit that I'm a World of Warcraft victim. I spend hours in front of my PC, solving quests and leveling my characters up. And whatever you think now - you CAN'T just play for an hour a day. Believe me! I ofr example try to restrict myself by playing only every second day, and from time to time I put a "time-out" on me and don't play for a week or two.

Right now it's no problem at all to play and still get the stuff done that has to be done, and moreover spend quite a lot of time in the blogosphere. I have holidays and nothing to do all day long, but I really have to make this work when I start with a regular job in September.

On the other hand I already met people who literally are addicted to online-gaming and I think I'm still far away from that. I eat, I slepp, I have a "real" life and social contacts, I don't miss appointments I fullfiil duties and do the jobs I have to. But you see, this could become a serious problem if you're not aware of how much time you really spend with gaming.

Do yu have experiences with that topic? I'd like to know what you think about it!

Love Julia

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die Franzi said...

10 years ago everybody laughed about me playing computergames. Now everybody playes them- I'm a trendsetter.

Ivanhoe said...

My only addiction on the computer is blogging and dropping entrecards. I like to gamgle at casinos though. I only go about once a year, so no danger coming out of that :o)

Tiffany Aller said...

That's a fabulous song - I've always loved it.

Keep your tapes! Who knows - they may be a collector's item some day!

(BTW, I'm a visitor from EC)

Ana is Dating said...

That’s a kind of addiction I find enjoyable but there’s one kind of addiction I also love. It’s online dating. I find it more enjoyable than online games. I’m sorry to burst your bubble. Btw, it’s my opinion and precisely one of my simple pleasures…