Saturday, August 9, 2008

Let's get it started ...

Hiho holks!

Ok, first things first ... things have changed a lot around here.

When I stopped blogging, lots of bloggers faced the "Google-dropped-my-pagerank-because-I-write-sponsored-posts-but-if-my-page-rank-is-low-I-won't-get-offers-to-write-sponsored-posts-anymore"-crisis. I wasn't into earning money via blogging, so the whole affair didn't affect me, but I was curious to see if Google would have that much power or if the blogging community would fight back.

Now we know ... Google's shameless attempt to control the market miserably failed. Luckily advertisers realized that not the Google-controlled page rank is of interest, but the traffic that a site has. Companies like and Bloggerwave reacted and offer possibilities to earn some money with your hobby.

Beside the revolutionary victory of the blogging
David against the global corporation Goliath,
the biggest benefit is the possibility to combine
good blogging and making money. You can blog
freely without worrying about your pagerank and
from time to time squeeze in a sponsored post.

At least this is what I'm going to do from now on ;)
I could use a little extra money, cause I want to
spend some of my holidays next year in the U.S.,
visiting Jason (see picture) together with my lovely Bald Guy.

Intersted, too? Then visit

Love Julia

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Designing Hilary said...

Best wishes!! That's an amazing, challenging age group to teach. I look forward to reading your posts about teaching in the future!