Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And the Oscar goes to ....

... or better said - I go to: Windsbach!

I just got the call today and I'm really happy. Windsbach is a lovely little village in Germany, near Nuernberg and I will spent the next two years teaching there.
These are some pictures of the school:

I'm sooooo excited, I just can't wait for school to start.

Love Julia

4 Kommentare:

Patricia Rockwell said...

Congratulations! We need teachers! It looks like a lovely school.

tyna said...

Congrats,the school looks very welcoming.

Pauline said...

Congratulations Julia I hope you are happy there. It looks a nice school.

Atniz said...


You blog is not dofollow, but you are using "UCommentIFollow" logo which does not tally. Hope you could follow the comments or remove the logo. Thanks