Sunday, August 17, 2008

The hottest O in town

Have you ever thought about hot "O"s? Here's my Top10:

#10) O like Oasis
Bad boys like the Gallagher Brothers are hot, and these do even make good music!

#9) O like Onions

Onions can taste pretty hot, but having an onion-breath on a first date is definitely a "Not-Hot"

#8) O like Olympic Hero

#7) O like Oesophagus

That's the tube from your mouth to your stomach and it can get pretty hot in there after a bowl of chilli or curry :)

#6) O like Omnipotency
Come on, who wouldn't take the chance if he/she could have it for a day? That's why I like the movie "Bruce Allmighty"!

#5) O like Optimism

Makes a man sexy, as well as good odour!

#4) O like Oral

Well, just give your fancy free scope ...

#3) O like Ozon Layer

At least it absorbs over 90% of the suns high frequency ultraviolett light. Good job, mate!

#2) O like Hot-O

He's one of my blogging buddies and he is literally "Hot-O". Check out his Blog about making money online and achieving world domination!

#1) O like Opulence

Yeah! Being rich is definitely hot, hot, hot!!!
That's why I participate in HotO's "Win some cash" contest. It's quite easy to enter, you just have to write a post and link back, a paypal account is necessary. For further details and instructions, visit him at Win some cash @ And what makes it even better - there will be 3 cash-prizes randomly alloted and 1 extra prize for funniest post. So, what are you waiting for? Get started!!!

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Hoto said...

hi Julia,

that´s a very good post for my contest. i really love it !!! good job. you are in !

greats Hoto

JasonJ said...

H-oooooo-t post Julia!